Tabby mauling slipper Tribute to Tabby Tabby stalking

This page is a tribute to a vibrant, beautiful, super-affectionate, and half-insane (but in a nice way) tabby cat. Tabby was two years old when she went missing in April 2009. We sincerely hope to see her again - even if it does mean a few things get shredded around the house.

Like all cats, Tabby liked to play hunting games, although she was never known to try and harm a living creature. She was particularly adept at catching old slippers. Curtains also fell prey to the pouncing Tabby. No mat went unripped or sofa unsavaged. Even the tablecloth wasn't safe with Tabby around.
Tabby chews a slipper

Tabby on the doorstep waiting to blast into the house yowling like a loon Tabby's favourite prey was people. She would crouch hidden in the hedge until some innocent victim wandered by, then explode out in a volley of meows. In fact, Tab's usual method of entering the house was to rush in as soon as the door was opened a crack, yowling her head off like a lunatic, which scared the bejesus out of any unwarned guests. Occasionally she would follow up by trying to claw her way up the guest's leg, all in the name of making the best possible first impression. Her party trick was to jump in the lap of anyone who was least expecting it. Tabby also had an extremely loud purr and a penchant for rubbing herself on everything, especially the legs of people with cat allergies. She would jump on people's knees but didn't know how to sit still, or keep her claws retracted. Tabby never liked being picked up, but used to rear on her hind legs when stroked, so enthusiastically in fact that you would have to put a hand behind her to make sure she didn't topple over backwards.

Tabby's favourite food, as for a lot of cats, was tuna, or any tasty sea-food. The one she always turned her nose up at, to the relief of local pet-owners, was rabbit. Game was also not on the preferred list, while lamb, turkey and chicken were tolerated rather than enjoyed. If she ever had to fend for herself, Tabby would be out hunting cows and fish. Tabby was also partial to cat-biscuits, and wouldn't say no to the occasional saucer of special cat-milk, although as she got older she went for the more grown-up foods (unlike certain mature moggies who like to pretend they are still kittens. -------------------------------------> ) Bibcat glowering over a saucer of cat-milk.
Bibcat glowers over a saucer of cat-milk

Ginger, Tabby's sister
Ginger, the polite sister
Often, Tabby had to share her food with other cats. There was her sister, Ginger, a much more polite and reserved animal. Then there was scraggy, hissy and cynical old 'Bibcat' (named for the splash of white on his chest). More ominous was the mysterious visitor who would slink over from the neighbours to grab a bite of Tabby's grub. Tabby's attitude to new arrivals on the block was always far more curious than hostile - the only aggression we ever saw from her was the occasional playful lunge at her sister (who, being a timid wee beastie, always scuttled for the door).

Tabby was very much an outdoor cat. One of her favourite places to sleep was in our large hedge, which is still full of holes from when she used to build her nests in it. She was also an expert tunneller who knew all kinds of ways in and out of the garden. Tab spent much of her time out on the pavement, cheerfully greeting anyone who passed by. One little boy, scared by the over-enthusiastic kitten jogging after him and meowing its lungs out, broke in to a sprint to get away from her. Tabby was quite capable of following someone a long distance if she really liked them, and if hungry she would make a very noisy companion.

We hope that she is safe and well now, wherever she is.

Tabby playing with string Here's to Tabby. The most warm-hearted, lively, and certainly maddest cat I have ever had the privilege to meet.