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Street in Limerick
Street view
Horse and cart, Limerick
Horse and cart
Crowd in Limerick
Limerick, George's Street
George's Street
Street view, Limerick
Street view
Limerick Treaty Stone
Treaty Stone

Ireland in 1994

January 1st: Death of Raymond Crotty, farmer, economist and campaigner against the European Union.

January 19th: The Irish Broadcast Ban was lifted, allowing Sinn Féin access to the Irish media.

January 24th: Birth of Sean Kavanagh, footballer.

January 29th: Gerry Adams was given a US Visa.

February 10th: Dominic McGlinchey of the Irish National Liberation Army was shot dead by three gunmen in Drogheda.

February 17th: An RUC officer and a civilian were killed in an IRA rocket attack.

February 19th: Death of Micho Russell, musician and author.

February 23rd: Death of Jackie Power, Limerick hurler and Gaelic footballer.

March 6th: Death of Flann Campbell, educationalist and historian.

Micho Russell

Micho Russell, musician known for playing the tin whistle

Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan, Eurovision winners

Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan, Eurovision winners

March 9th: The IRA carried out a mortar attack on Heathrow airport, followed by two more over the following days.

April 6th: The IRA called a three-day ceasefire.

April 7th: Margaret Wright, a Protestant, was killed in a Loyalist band-hall by men who believed she was a Catholic.

April 12th: Birth of Saoirse Ronan, actress.

April 14th: The Central Bank issued a new £5 note.

April 30th: Ireland won the Eurovision Song Content, staged in Dublin, for the third year in a row with Rock 'n' Roll Kids. Riverdance was performed for the first time in the interval.

May 13th: Death of Duncan Hamilton, motor racing driver.

May 21st: PIRA member Martin 'Doco' Doherty was shot dead while attempting to prevent a bombing by the UVF of a Dublin pub.

May 26th: Jack Charlton, manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team, was awarded the freedom of Dublin City.

May 27th: Death of M.J. Malloy, playwright.

June 2nd: Twenty-five Security Personnel were killed in a helicopter crash while travelling from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

June 6th: Irish veterans from the D-Day Normandy landings attended the 50th commemorative ceremony on Omaha Beach.

June 18th: The UVF killed six Catholic men in a bar in Loughlinisland.

June 18th: The Republic of Ireland beat Italy in its first match in the World Cup.

June 24th: The Republic of Ireland lost to Mexico in the World Cup.

Martin Doherty

Martin 'Doco' Doherty

Niamh Bhreathnach

Niamh Bhreathnach, Minister for Education

June 28th: The Republic of Ireland qualified for the next stage of the World Cup after a goalless draw with Norway.

July 4th: The Republic of Ireland was knocked out of the World Cup by the Netherlands.

July 19th: Death of Éilis Dillon, author.

July 24th: Sinn Féin held a special conference in Letterykenny to consider the Downing Street Declaration.

July 26th: Niamh Bhreathnach, the Minister for Education, pledged to introduce free third-level education for everyone over the next three years.

August 18th: Martin "The General" Cahill, a prominent criminal in Dublin, was shot dead by the PIRA.

August 28th: John Hume and Gerry Adams released their fourth joint statement.

August 31st: The Provisional Irish Republican Army announced a complete cessation of military operations.

September 1st: Transition Year was introduced to mainstream secondary schools.

September 6th: Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, John Hume of the SDLP and Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin held a historic meeting at the Government Buildings in Dublin. All three pledged themselves to the democratic idea.

September 16th: The British lifted their broadcasting ban on Sinn Féin.

September 30th: Taoiseach Albert Reynolds and members of his government waited at Shannon Airport to greet Russian President Boris Yeltsin, but he failed to leave the aircraft to meet them.

October 13th: Loyalist paramilitary groups announced a ceasefire six weeks after the IRA.

October 22nd: Boyzone's debut album, Said and Done, was released in Ireland.

October 28th: The inaugural session of the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation took place in St. Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle.

Republicans celebrated after the ceasefire was announced

Republicans celebrated after the ceasefire was announced

Bertie Ahern and Albert Reynolds, November 1994

Bertie Ahern and Albert Reynolds, November 1994

November 16th: The Fianna Fáil-Labour coalition collapsed.

November 17th: Albert Reynolds tendered his resignation as Taoiseach, but the Dáil was not dissolved.

November 19th: Bertie Ahern was elected leader of Fianna Fáil.

December 1st: American President Bill Clinton announced that he was appointing George Mitchell as a special economic adviser on Ireland.

December 15th: The Fine Gael leader John Bruton became Taoiseach of the 'Rainbow' government in coalition with Labour and the Democratic Left parties.

December 20th: Death of Stephen Coughlan, former Mayor of Limerick.

December 22nd: Noel Lyness, a Catholic civilian, was killed in a sectarian attack.

Old image of Leixlip

Captains Hill in Leixlip

Captains Hill in Leixlip

Irish History on Film

Old film, fiction and documentary

Oppression of Catholics in Northern Ireland in the early 1920s

Irish liber hymnorum

Brigit bé bithmaithBrigit, ever good woman
Breó orda óiblech A sparkling golden flame
donfe don bithlaith may she lead us to the eternal realm
in grian tind toidlech the shining bright sun
Ronsoera Brigit Save us Brigit
sech drungu demna from hordes of demons
roroena reunn may she win for us
cathu cach thedma battles of every hardship
Dorobdo innunn Destroy within us
ar colla císu the sins of our flesh
in chroeb co mblathaib The branch with flowers
in mathair Ísu. The mother of Jesus
Ind firóg inmain Beloved pure virgin
conorddain adbail of great honour which vanquishes
biam soer cech inbaid I will all-times be free
lam noeb do laignib with my Leinster saint
Lethcholba flatha Half pillar of the kingdom
la Patraic prímda with supreme Patrick
in tlacht uas ligaib a beauty beyond splendours
ind rigan rígda the noble royal queen
Robbet iar sinit May after old age
ar cuirp hi cilicc our bodies be in coarse-cloth
dia rath ronbroena may she rain her grace upon us
ronsoera Brigit Save us, Brighid
Brigte per laudem Brigit whom we praise
Christum precamur Christ whom we beseech
ut nos celeste may we deserve
regnum [habere] mereamur the kingdom of heaven