Tribute to Ginger

An amazing and beautiful cat

Who disappeared on 12th January 2013

9thApril Bag
BagPuss Bite
Blanket Boy
CatchToy Cavort
Christmas ChristmasTreat
Comfortable Cosy
Cuddle Curl
Cute Door
Dozing FastAsleep
Fat FeetUp
Finger FlatOut
Fluffy GiantYawn
GoingOut Hiding
HugFeet LeaveMeAlone
Lick LickPaw
Looking Mouse
Nap NotGettingUp
NotMoving OnBack
Pile Pink
Playing Punch
Roll RubEye
Safe SaysHi
ShredToy Sleep
Slumming SniffToy
Snuggling Sofa
Stairs Stretch
Table TakingUpSpace
Tired Tom
TongueOut TouchHead
TouchTail UpsideDown
Wash WashBelly
WashEar WhatsOnTV
Chair Writhe
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